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Skins – what the hell are those?

Have you ever heard about skins and games like CS GO, DOTA2 or LOL? If not, then read my blog and u’ll get information that I collected while I played these games. If yes, still read my blog, maybe u’ll find out something new. LOL.

Skins basically are some items related with the game. They create some virtual value and are related with the reach of the main goal – winning. But it’s not only about it. After you get skins you could improve your game, you could exchange them in skins market or you could participate in tournaments or bet in special platforms (for example drakelounge). So there are lots of things to do with them.

They got so popular as games mentioned before were released. Seeking for skins with the time becomes real thing in your life, as long as they could be exchange into dollars. The tournaments and games could be played all around the world, so at the same time games doesn’t have boundaries. And it’s kinda attractive to lots of gamers (for me also).

Hope for now it’s gonna be more clear what skins are and where you can find them. Stay tuned and follow my blog!

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